Luis Augusto

Who Am I

Hi there! My name is Luis and I am a software engineer at Cerebral, a startup with a mission to increase mental health awareness and make healthcare more accessible and affordable. I enjoy making a positive impact and bringing out the best in others, and having the opportunity to build software that can empower individuals to achieve personal growth is rewarding to me.

Some of my favorite projects to work on include frontend UI development and backend micro-services with NodeJS. I enjoy finding ways to improve developer experience, from building CI/CD integrations to optimizing software architecture and building scalable, cost-effective solutions. One of my major goals this year is to become more active in various communities and to share my knowledge through online talks and events.

In addition, I look for opportunities to provide mentorship and coaching, especially to early career devs from underrepresented backgrounds in the tech industry. I am an active contributor and sponsor of The Collab Lab, and am always interested in hearing other people's unique stories how they found their way into the tech community. I have also built applications for events such a Code with Friends to help bring people together and provide opportunities for developers to improve their skillsets.

Outside of work, I try to spend as much time away from screens –

One of my favorite pastimes includes hiking, backpacking, and camping. Being in the outdoors revitalizes my energy, and I thrive on the challenge of a good strenuous hike. Being away from service and society is also a peaceful escape and allows me to focus on myself without any distraction. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for me that I hope to share more of through my journal.

I would love to visit all the national parks in my life, but so far I only been able to check off the ones on the west coast, my favorite being Yosemite 🏞

Board game collection

I have also been collecting a number of board games recently, and my collection is probably around 40 games now! My favorites are strategy games like 7 Wonders and Santorini, and I also enjoy party and social deduction (Werewolf, Secret Hitler,  Codenames, etc). I would like to continue building this collection into a more collection library of my favorites, and maybe one day I'll trying designing my own 🎲

I also enjoy puzzle solving and take any chance to visit new escape rooms that pop up around me! My favorites have been at Palace Games in SF, most notably the Edison and Houdini rooms.

One last hobby I am getting back into is running! I am way out of practice, with my last race being in 2017, but I hope to break that hiatus this year with a possible marathon finish 🥇🏁

I'm currently training and plan to do several runs over the course of the year, and hopefully it won't rain this time 🌧

I would like to use this site as a platform to share my personal and professional experiences, document my travels, and give updates on the goals I am working towards. I may write about my latest hike or run, review some board games, discuss challenges and accomplishments with my career, outline technical guides for software engineering or discuss the next best JavaScript framework (I'm looking at you, Svelte). Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!